Psychotherapy is a unique process of discovery and growth, occurring in the special context of a private, containing and facilitative relationship. To know ourselves well and deeply, we need and deserve the patient, present and thoughtful witnessing of another human being. We bring into psychotherapy our sorrows and dreams, our wounds and talents, our ugliness and our beauty; our full humanity. Through gentle, gradual unfolding, we get to reach together into the places in us that have not been broken, tarnished or maimed by whatever cruelty, injustice or invisibility we have lived through. And, as we develop a relationship to this untarnished core, we come alive again and into our whole souls, bodies, minds and hearts.

I tend to work well with people who are creative and intense. Many of the people I work with have always felt different from their families and communities, and have found ways to challenge or question the given norms of their society. I welcome all outsiders into my practice.

I have particular interest and calling in working with those who carry in their hearts and spirits the wounds of personal or ancestral trauma through war, immigration, sexual violence, persecution or oppression based on race, religion, ethnicity or sexuality.