Naomi Azriel, Psychotherapist

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, MFC 47167

Depth Psychotherapy for Children and Adults

Phone: 510-658-3783

Address: 4287 Piedmont Ave 108 Oakland, CA 94611

Becoming your fullest, deepest and truest self is the goal of psychotherapy. If you are like many of the people I work with, your unique spark got diminished somewhere along the way, often during childhood. In therapy, you have the opportunity to grow and relax into your real self.

I specialize in tuning into the ways in which this special spark is still alive in you. This can show up in many ways: in your sexuality or love life, in your creativity, sense of humor, in your dreams, your work or your social or political activism. In therapy, we work together to re-ignite this spark and have it spread to the rest of your life, in a way that is real, transformative and healing. You will find yourself gradually feeling more energized, hopeful, playful and inspired, and as a result being more present and available for your relationships with others and with your self.

I tend to work well with people who are creative, "intense", somewhat quirky or eccentric. Many of the people I work with have always felt different from their families and communities, and have found ways to challenge or question the given norms of their society. I welcome all "outsiders" into my practice.

Start building new reserves of trust in yourself and others:

The first goal of our work together will be to establish a sense of safety and trust in your intuition. Through gentle and paced steps, we will explore and establish ways of being together in which you can feel safe and whole. It is my experience that only when our full emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual and sexual selves are present, that real healing can begin.

I have a warm, grounded, playful and thoughtful style and bring much passion, care and curiosity into each session. I work with adults of all ages in a way that is deeply respectful of their own innate capacity for healing and growth.

Together, we seek ways to use our relationship as a safe space in which deep human connection, intimacy and understanding can be fully experienced. My training has taught me to listen between the lines, and together to hear and understand what has previously been unspeakable or inaccessible inside. Our work will focus on understanding both the parts of you that are conscious and within your awareness, as well as look for deeper, hidden meanings and aspects of yourself that you may have lost touch with.

Get compassionate help for your specific needs:

There are many reasons why people lose touch with their unique  spark.  Some of those have to do with current stressors or problems, while others have to do with their early experiences as children in their families. To find out more about my specialties in working with children and parents, with women and men recovering from sexual abuse, with social justice and other community activists, and with the LGBT community, click on my specialties page.

I am Israeli-American and my services are available in English and in Hebrew. I have a very diverse practice, and tend to see indvidual adults and children from a wide variety of class, race, religious and ethnic backgrounds. I welcome and celebrate the cultural diversity of my Oakland/ East Bay community.

Fit therapy into your budget:

I offer affordable fees on a sliding scale so as to make my services accessible to the diverse East Bay community. Call me at 510-658-3783 to set a fee that is right for you.

When you first call, I will listen carefully to hear and understand your viewpoint on what is troubling you. You can also ask me any questions that are important to you about me or my practice. When you feel ready, we can schedule an appointment to sit down and start thinking together about what is going on in your life, and how you need and want things to change. We will talk together for an hour, and then decide if we want to keep working together on a regular, weekly basis. I charge the regular fee for this first meeting.

Naomi Azriel provides affordable psychotherapy services in the east bay of the SF bay area.  She specializes in sexual abuse, LGBT , child therapy and parenting. Her office is easily located on Piedmont Ave. in Oakland, CA and is close to Berkeley, San Leandro, Albany, El Cerrito, Alameda and other major bay area cities. Her services are available in English and in Hebrew. For a sitemap click here.

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