Children's Play Therapy


Children’s emotional distress often manifests differently than it does in adults. Some children display their distress outwardly while others withdraw, become moody, agitated, or excessively engaged with an inner fantasy world that others don’t have access to. As a parent, it can be heartbreaking and outright baffling to see your child suffering and not know what to do, or how to understand what is happening.

Play therapy is an effective, gentle and non-shaming tool to help children work through such emotional distress. Just like adults, children need a safe and private space where they can be deeply understood and met. In a space where children feel free to express themselves on their own terms, they are often able to communicate quite effectively what is going on for them through the symbolic language of play.

Using toys and games that are selected especially for this purpose, I communicate with a child my understanding of their experience. Through this shared communication of words, gestures and meaning, profound change can happen, even for very young children.

I work closely with parents to collaborate around our understanding of the child and what might help the child outside of therapy, at home or at school. Although all therapy is confidential, I do share with parents my understanding of their child’s struggles and the main themes that emerge in the therapy. My approach is that of fundamental respect for parents’ understanding of their child, as well as a deep appreciation for the difficulties and complexities parenting itself presents. 

In addition, I offer parenting consultation services to parents who seek focused support around a parenting issue or difficulty.