Child Therapy

image courtesy of Willie Ablao.

image courtesy of Willie Ablao.

Children come to psychotherapy, just as adults do, with an urgent need for their emotional suffering to be understood and related to on a sufficiently deep level. Differently from adults, though, communicating about children’s emotional distress and needs works better through action such as imaginative play and art making, rather than through verbal reflection alone.

I love my work with children. It keeps me engaged, alive and challenged in a way completely different than adult work. Children think and feel the same things that adults do, but a lot more intensely, and communicating with them requires a willingness to fully enter their world. Children’s natural capacity to live more fully than we do in their bodies, their hearts and their spirits, to revere the natural world and that of the imagination makes the work with them exciting, hopeful and dynamic.

I work well with children ages 3-12 struggling with intense anxiety, moodiness, anger, social difficulties and parental separation and divorce. I warmly invite into my practice children of LGBT parents, of single parents and adoptive parents.

My work with children naturally also involves their parents, both so I can better understand their child, and so that I can support the parents in helping their child thrive psychologically. I respect how tender and complicated it can be for a parent to have their child in therapy, and strive to approach parents with the same attitude of curiosity, openness, humility and respect I hope to bring to each session with each child.