Clinical Consultation and Supervision


Increasingly, a portion of my practice is dedicated to clinical consultation to fellow psychotherapists. My consultation style is interpersonal, warm, empowering, accessible and thoughtful. I seek to support you in developing and owning your own voice, identity, authority and truth, and to sit with you in the beauty and suffering that clinical work evokes in us.

I am especially interested in creating with you a space that is safe, trusting and authentic enough for you to come to know yourself more deeply in relation to your work, and to reflect as fully as possible on the places where you are stretching to grow and evolve as you sit with the people you work with.

I am passionate about helping clinicians develop and deepen their capacity for symbolic thinking, for using their whole selves in their work, and for working within the unconscious field, both interpersonally and internally. I am interested in helping clinicians develop their own sense of authority, often emerging through the strengthening of one's capacity to hold a sturdy and consistent clinical frame. And, I have a strong passion and sense of calling in supporting clinical practices that have an ethical call for social, community and personal justice at their core.