My own journey towards becoming a psychotherapist began in 1998, when I had the privilege of supporting women and girls who survived sexual trauma, as a volunteer at the Jerusalem Rape Crisis Center. It was at this incredible grassroots organization that I first encountered the profound healing potential that opens up when one person listens to another and witnesses her truth. I learned how rich, difficult and beautiful this healing journey can be, and have felt honored ever since to accompany people of all genders along this path. 

I hold a Masters’ degree in Clinical Psychology with Social-Clinical focus from the New College of California, and a California license as a Marriage and Family Therapist. I am an advanced analytic candidate at the San Francisco Jung Institute. I teach at the Pacific Center for Human Growth, lecture at Jungian societies and consult to other psychotherapists.

Of the many theories I have learned and that have shaped and informed me, I mostly draw from Jungian, psychoanalytic and relational schools of thought, as well as from self-psychology, social justice, feminist and somatic perspectives. This means that I am deeply interested in the human unconscious, as manifest in dreams, fantasies, religious and spiritual feelings, and in the ways our inner lives manifest in our bodies. And, I am equally interested in the interpersonal world, where our ethical calling towards kindness, care, consciousness and justice manifest in who we are in the greater community. 

My professional and volunteer career have brought me into a variety of community organizations, which have enriched and inspired my work. My community work focused on working towards responding to and preventing sexual violence, on supporting the empowerment and well being of sex workers, supporting parents in developing cohesive and healthy families, and on supporting women of varying class, social and cultural backgrounds in living empowered and meaningful lives. Some of the organizations I have worked for and grew within have been:

In my current work as an analytic Jungian therapist in private practice, I continue to uphold my commitment to social justice, to challenging the given structures of power, to peer support networks and to harm reduction.