Queer and LGBT Identity Development


I strongly believe that being queer/LGBT is not only about who one loves, sleeps with or chooses to form a family with. In my experience, a queer/LGBT identity is not only about sexual orientation, but also about one's very orientation to being human, to how one lives, relates to others and engages with the world at large.

Affirmation and celebration of queer sexual and gender expressions can be vital to the psychological and spiritual survival of trans, gay and queer folks. Culturally competent psychotherapy goes a step further by offering queers the opportunity to get to know the full complexity and humanity of their relationships to self and others. Whether uncovering the subtle and surprising remnants of internalized homophobia and transphobia, buried deep in the unconscious, or reclaiming lost pieces of one's personality that were cut off or repressed for not conforming to expected gender norms, in this work we strive to reclaim and make contact with that deep, inner, complex core of wholeness that shines its own unique, queer light on a person's soul and very being.

I work with individuals and couples in the queer/LGBT community, people who are polyamorous or monogamous, in kinky/BDSM relationships and other sexual and social explorers. In my practice I see butches and femmes, transmen and transwomen, genderqueer persons, gay men and lesbians, bisexuals and other queers. I also have a long history supporting sex-workers and the sex-work community.