Social Justice Activists


Many of the activists who I have worked with over the years have shown me the tremendous sensitivity, compassion and connection with others that they have been blessed with. However, these gifts typically do not come without a cost. Often, activists have also shown and told me the incredible pain and suffering that they are in touch with, not only their own, but the pain and suffering of whole communities, cultures, landscapes and beings. Being exquisitely attuned to suffering and injustice on a massive scale can, overtime, lead to utter heartbreak, despair, isolation and burnout.  

In therapy, you have the opportunity to slow down this process, and to understand yourself on a deeper level. You can start learning how to separate your own suffering and your gifts of sensitivity and compassion from a sense of drowning in overwhelming and incomprehensible injustices. We will work together to find a way for you to stay in tune with your own center of aliveness, curiosity and strength to engage with the world and its faults in ways that are vitalizing rather than depleting; inspiring rather than depressing.